Saturday, February 7, 2009

In Loving Memory of Itchy Kitty Doo

Yesterday, we lost a beloved family member. Itchy Kitty Doo was diagnosed with feline leukemia Thursday. There is no cure for leukemia in cats. It came on fast and we had to have him laid to rest yesterday. We did all we could for him. I laid in the floor with him most of the night Thursday. I made sure the girls said there goodbyes before they left for school Friday morning. They had no idea he would be gone when they returned from school. The entire family is deeply upset. the house just doesn't feel right without him. I think that we have cried all we can cry, but the mood of the house is somber. We had a funeral for him yesterday afternoon that included fresh flowers and bouquets I had my florist make up for me. Today we are searching for a headstone. Jadelyn , who this has been the hardest on, decided what she wants it to say. It will read: Itchy Kitty Doo, The Best cat in the world, He loved sunshine and chicken nuggets