Saturday, June 27, 2009

Jadelyn's 8th Birthday

This was going to be the first party that Tony has ever missed...until he showed up this morning. He worked 6 hrs then drove 7 just to make it home this morning. She has been crying all week because he couldn't make it. The look on her face this morning when he woke her up for breakfast was priceless. She jumped and screamed and wouldn't let him go. He has to turn around and head right back to Dallas in the morning but it was well worth it for him to see her happy face this morning. The party went great despite the heat. It was a Spongebob/Hawaiian Luau theme. My cousin Kolby's wife did a marvelous job on the cake. Thank you Laura! The kids had a blast swimming and playing limbo. Thanks Papaw Fred for making the coolest limbo pole ever! Then we went out into the field and shot off the rocket that Tony brought for Jadelyn. It says it goes 100 feet but it goes way higher than that. Now Tony is trying to finally get some much needed sleep in his own bed and I am entertaining girls for a sleepover. It's been a great day!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Edible Bracelets

I am always looking for easy, cheap, new ways to entertain the girls during the summer. It's the only time I have here lately to do any projects with them. Tonight we made edible bracelets. We used Twizzlers Pull-n-Peel for the string. Then I found some new Oreo Fun Stix in two different flavors and cut them into different length sections. They also used Honey combs, Apple Jacks, Toasty O's and even some big fudge striped cookies. We had a lot of fun and they actually taste pretty good. The Twizzlers really set off the cereal believe it or not.

Kids Cuts

The girls wanted to get their hair cut to make them look different from each other. Absolutely everywhere we go people ask if they are twins. Jadelyn can Not stand it. I took them to get new cuts today. Jadelyn chose a super short bob that is shaved in the back. It makes her look like she is 12! I swear the outfit she has on today plus the new cut just had me dumb struck at how old my first born baby looked. And she is the only person i know that can pull off that super short bob, Adorable! Maddy(who wants to be a model with curls that never has to brush her hair) decided to just get a trim and have the lady curl it up pretty for her. Although by the time i took these pics the curls had mostly come out. She was so pleased with it that she just could not seem to get over herself while we were at the salon. Maddy Loves mirrors, always has!(she Must get that from Tony, he's the same way) They were both just tickled with their new looks. We left the salon and went to Dollar Tree. As soon as we walked in the door the manager came up to us and says, "I just have to ask, Are they twins?" I thought Jadelyn was going to go straight through the ceiling!