Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cat's Galore!

Jadelyn's kitty collection is getting out of hand. We now have 2 cats and 2 kittens. We need to give away the female cat named "Miss Priss" and the kitten named "Fiesty". If anyone knows anyone interested please let me know! They are great cats and litter box trained, but we just have too many. The cat in the shirt and the one in the boot are the one's we are keeping. The one in the shirt is "Itchy Kitty Doo" and is the absolute love of Jadelyn's life! The siamese kitten we named "Kooky Cookie" has become Tony's baby, but the other two we really need to find homes for, because Jadelyn finds a new cat she can't live without all the time!


Jadelyn's main goal at the fair this year was to win a fish. She did(well I did) win a tiny goldfish. She was thrilled! It only cost me ten bucks! Anyway, she didn't have anything to put her little fish in so she had to keep it in dad and Peggy's tank. As soon as she got her birthday card from Ashley and Chandler and saw that twenty dollar bill, she wanted to go buy fish supplies. We went to the store and she picked out the coolest little aquarium with pink and purple rocks and a little sign that said "Oh! Crikey!" Now we just have to keep all her cats out of it!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Money Tree

I took Jadelyn in the Hallmark store earlier today to look for a baby gift. As always, she wanted to buy everything in the store. I kept telling her no. I finally resorted to the ole' money doesn't grow on trees speech. She eventually quit asking and we headed to check out. We get to the check out counter and Jadelyn says, "Mom, you are a liar!" right in front of everyone and super loud. I was a little embarrassed and confused so I quietly asked her what she was talking about. She said, "You said money doesn't grow on trees and you lied!" I'll be danged if behind the checkout counter there was not a bouquet someone had made of fake dollars! It looked like a money tree! Dammit, I thought! I will be explaining this forever!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lake Newark

Our kids left us for the night, apparently they had better plans than hanging out with ole' mom and dad. So we decided to go fishing at Lake Newark for a minute. We didn't catch a dang thing. We are always saying how if we didn't have the kids with us , we could really do some fishing. Well, we got bored and hot and didn't stay hardly no time. It would have been nice to have a breeze blowing , but it was dreadfully muggy down there. So, I guess ole' mom and dad just don't what to do anymore without the kiddos.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Swimming at the Altom's

We just got home from swimming at Dale and Judy's house. We brought the whole gang and just had a blast. Thank you Judy for putting up with our wild bunch! I took a few pictures but Gran-gran wouldn't let me get a picture of her in her swimming suit. I was just so surprised to see her in the pool. Anyway , I did get Brendon to show us how he plans on picking up girls when school starts back. He thinks he's got the moves!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Coolest Gift

When Tony got home from Oklahoma this morning, he had brought me an awesome gift. It is probably one of the coolest things he has ever found for me. It looks like a pot of flowers but it is a solar light. The flowers are bendable so you can arrange them however you want. At night the flowers light up and blink slowly. I Love it!

Ashley's Shower

Today I went to Ashley Treadway's(forever Webb in my brain) baby shower. This was my first chance to see her pregers and she looked great. I don't remember looking so cute pregnant and certainly didn't feel it. It was great to get to visit with her and hope to see her again before the little one gets here. It had been way too long! Here are a few pics I took at the shower. I tried to suck it in so people wouldn't think there was a picture of two pregnant chics!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

My Playlist

I got to noticing that everyone had these playlists on their blogs, and I thought I probably shouldn't put one on mine because I do sorta listen to some strange music. I didn't want to subject anyone who was reading my blog to my odd songs. Then I decided to go ahead. I didn't choose anything too awful but I did spend a lot of time choosing my songs. Each and every one of my songs is a representation of who I am. These songs are Julie. Some such as "Against the wind" by the great Bob Seger and "Love song" by Tori Amos are songs that I can just close my eyes and feel so connected to as I listen to them that I get chills. You know those songs, I think everyone has them. I have been a Bob Seger fan since I was a small child and I always think of my dad when I listen to him. " Love song" was originally by The Cure and played as I walked down the isle at my wedding. It is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. " If you're gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough" by Roger Alan Wade reminds me of Tony. He says it is his theme song, and if you know Tony, you know he despises country music ,but loves this guy. Roger Wade is the cousin of Johnny Knoxville from the Jackass show. If you are ever in the mood for some kinda crude, sorta country, funny ass songs, look this guy up. "It's been awhile" by Staind, "Square One" by the awesome Tom Petty, "Joy" by Against Me, and "Down so long" by Jewel remind me of the obstacles I have overcome in my life. Anyone who knows me well enough knows what I am referring to. "The moon" by the Flobots just gets me bobbing my head along to the music and is my recently new found favorite band. I love to sit on the deck at night after the kids have gone to bed and look at the moon. I just sit out there almost every night and thank God for what I have and think about how grateful I am to still be in this moment in time in my life. " The moon" just captures that serenity for me. Finally, I have " We live" by Rehab. This songs reminds me to let go of my regrets and live for today. Well, I hope none of you find these songs completely awful and that maybe you will take the time to listen to my life if it was a musical.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Language of Maddy

Maddy has been cracking me up here lately. She has a couple of words she just can't seem to get right. Earlier today she asked me if I knew how to make bikini bread. Turns out she wanted zucchini bread. The other day she got her pack back for school. Every time I tell her she's got it backwards but then it goes right back to pack back. She also asks me for hand sizer daily. She means hand sanitizer, but just can't seem to get it to come out that way. We have just come to love our little Maddy "isms."

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Extreme sunburn

We spent the day at the river at Jacksonport yesterday. I bought a patio umbrella to shade myself from the sun. I also used the best kids sunblock you can get, but now I look like a tomato! I am sooo sunburned! I can hardly move. I have been laying on the couch spraying myself down with sunburn relief spray all day. I haven't been this sunburned since Randi and Ashley had to carry me off Spring River. Now I am again reminded why I absolutely HATE summer!