Monday, January 19, 2009

BIG Changes in the Cunningham House

THE BAD: My husband, Tony, recently lost his job of ten years. He had been laid off due to lack of work for the past three months. January was supposed to be packed down with tons of work. We were looking forward to the new year to bring lots of work so we could get our finances caught back up at home. Instead, the call came a couple of days after Christmas that there would be no work for 2009. We were shocked, stunned, and overwhelmed. We had drained our bank accounts and savings. We sat here with two dollars in the bank! At that point I felt what all others in America who have lost their jobs felt like, hopeless and fearful! It was not just a news story I was watching about others any longer. It felt like someone punched me in the gut. Jobs are slim in our area and Tony does not have the best background or education to even get what jobs were available in town.
THE GOOD: Today our prayers have been answered! Tony left for work at a new job in Missouri. He got a job with one of his old company's competitors. He is now on his way to start work for Sign Systems. We are hoping and praying all their promises to him are followed through. Same job but with Benefits! We have never had benefits and are completely psyched to get this opportunity. He is super nervous today so please continue to keep him in your prayers. It just proves true that when God closes one door he opens another but it's hell in the hallway! This family is blessed to be out of the hallway today!

I LOVE Ugly Shoes!

Everyone that knows me is fully aware of my attraction to the funkiest, loudest, ugliest shoes on the market. I buy the shoes no one else would dare to wear. Works out for me because they are usually cheap due to the fact that I am the only one in the world that would buy these things. Like my "short pants" I search far and wide for my funky foot wear. I recently added two pair to my collection. The first pair was inspired by the silver purse Randi bought me for Christmas. I used to own shiny silver moon boots that would have went magically with the purse. I have regretted giving those boots away ever since I laid eyes on that silver purse! I feel much better now that I have my ugly silver Converse shoes to match the Converse purse. It was a match only I could be proud of! The second pair of Converse were just too "cute" and cheap to refuse. In my world they go with all of my more dressier black and brown outfits. I was beaming with joy after buying two pair of the most awesomely ugly shoes in one day. It was a great day for ugly shoes!

Monday, January 5, 2009


So today I am sitting here reading a book and Maddy keeps talking to Jadelyn about turds. Jadelyn is getting upset. She tells Maddy that she is about to eat and does not want to hear about turds. Maddy goes back in her room and is quiet for awhile. She then comes to me and starts asking if I know how to spell "turd". I again told Maddy that she needed to quit talking about turds. I did not want to hear her say it again. To this she replies, "Well I guess I'll never be able to spell Turtle then!" She huffed off down the hall. I laughed so hard it hurt! Maddy still has no idea what was so funny.