Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fried Oreos

Most people have places they want to visit and attractions they want to see before they die, I have Fried Oreo on my Bucket list! Tonight Tony and I attempted to make them. I desperately wanted to buy some and the Independence County Fair but was not willing to stand in line for an hour with the kids complaining just to pay 3 bucks for one. We used the recipe off of the Good Morning America website. I must say that they are not as good as I had hoped. I have wanted them for so long that I think I set my expectations too high. They are good, just not something I want to have often. They are so rich that the kids can't even finish one whole cookie. Well anyway now I can cross that one off the list. Tony says I have too many food related items on my List, including a vacation based solely on all the different styles of pizza in the U.S.! Well here's one less now!

Camping Sugarloaf

We recently spent 4 days camping at Sugarloaf at Greers Ferry. We took advantage of the cooler temperatures we were having a couple of weeks ago. We took Justin with us this time. He spent most of his time complaining about not having Internet and TV but we were able to keep him happy with Tony's famous grill cheese sandwiches. The girls rode their bikes all around the camping area and during the day we went swimming at the lake. At night the whole family got in on playing games. Even though we ended the trip by being caught in a storm we had a blast. Can't wait to do it again and hope Justin will brave the outdoors with us again.