Saturday, February 20, 2010

School, School and More School!

Oh my gosh it has been a long time since I have posted a blog! I didn't realize how long it had actually been until tonight. My hubby is gone, the kiddos are quiet, and I am caught up on homework at least for tonight anyway! I have been extremely busy with school. Between interning, presentations, and the everyday workload I haven't had time to blog. By the time I get home I am ready for bed. I guess I'm getting old or just feeling the pain from living life in the fast lane. Anyway, I miss blogging and keeping up with everyone else's as well. This is my last semester at Lyon. Just think that in a couple of months I will actually be a college graduate. Lots of changes coming up and a ton of uncertainty. I have decided not to pursue a Masters degree at this time but feel certain that I will in the future. I am excited about joining the working world(believe it or not) and am having a blast at my intern placements. I feel confident that I am Finally on the right path. It's been a long strange trip to this point that's for sure. Well, I've rambled long enough. I am going to make an effort to get back into the routine of blogging and look forward to catching up on all of yours.