Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Update on the Fam!

I know I haven't been keeping up with my blog like I said I was going to. Here is a little update of what has been going on with the Cunninghams. Tony is finally getting used to his new job at Taylor Made in Newport. It is hard work in the heat, but he is getting into the routine of it. It was really hard for him to adjust. His only job ( of 13 years) had been much different than the average job. He was used to getting paid a lot, traveling all over the country, and being the supervisor! This is his first regular "9 to 5"...."working for the weekend" type of job. He is on Summer hours right now(6am-2:30pm) which means he has to get up at 4am in order to make it to Newport by 6am. It has been a change for us all, especially since the kiddos are out of school now. I just thought for sure that I would be working this summer. I have put in a ton of applications and sent out resumes all over the state. I have had one lunch/interview last week that went very well. I managed not to spill food on myself, so I consider that a successful lunch! It was for a place here in Batesville, but not with a population that I have ever had experience with. I should know something from them in another week or so. I have an interview tomorrow with a place in Heber Springs. I do not want to drive 45 minutes to work and back every day, but I may have to. We will see. I am NOT good with these formal "what do you have to offer our company?"...."why do you want to work here?" type interviews. Blah de what I hear when they start asking those questions and I always....I mean always manage to say everything but an answer to the question they asked. I don't think it matters anymore. I have a feeling that I will not be happy with any place right off because I was so in love with the place I interned. Despite not having an actual job, I have been working. My mother-in-law injured her leg and is unable to walk. I have been helping her with her daycare for the past 3 weeks. We all know how I am with kids.....not my cup of tea.....I can't even manage my own! So I am glad that Rita is there to bring a little order to my chaos. Routine, discipline and organization have NEVER been my strong points! (Hey that's what i should say in my interview tomorrow! I guarantee I freakin' will! I will start rambling and next thing you know I have said some really stupid stuff! Way to sell yourself Jules!) Anyway, there has been all kinds more but that is the brief update. I will let you all know how the interview turns out!