Friday, August 6, 2010

What a Week!

I don't even know where to begin on the last week I've had. Jadelyn has been sick since Wednesday of last week. I was getting frustrated that we were not able to find out what was wrong with her. We did test after test and visit after visit, but no one could tell me a thing. When I get the call yesterday that she had Colitis I about lost my mind. I mean I have been telling these people since Saturday that it was not the stomach flu. I just knew that something was bad wrong with my child. She was in so much stomach pain that neither one of us got any sleep. I stayed on the couch with her and we got up and down all night long.
It was miserable to hear her screaming in pain and not be able to do a thing about it. The week of sleepless nights on top of starting my new job were not working well for me. My nerves were shot! By the time I got the word that we had to take her to Little Rock I was on my last nerve. I started crying and immediately had Tony paged at his work that we had an emergency. He flew to Batesville, and we loaded her up and headed to the hospital. What a scary ride! Here we went with our child that we had no idea how serious her illness was. We sat in the ER for 12 hours while they did all kinds of more tests. Luckily they had a Wii.I think Tony liked it more than Jadelyn. Here she is STILL sucking her finger. I had gotten onto her but she does it without even realizing it. We are really gonna have to work on it!

She got tired of waiting and really wanted them to let her have something to eat. They finally gave her this popsicle and you can tell from the picture that she was not enthused about it.
When they still didn't know what exactly was wrong with her, they admitted us. We didn't get in a room until after 1am. I don't think any of us got any sleep. In fact, I was so nervous that I forgot to pack any shoes. All I had was my dress shoes I was wearing. So when the nurse told me I had to go down to admissions to talk to them, I was so exhausted I wore my pajamas and dress shoes. I hadn't showered and my hair was a mess. I didn't really give a crap until I ended up on the elevator with Mike Beebe! Yes, the governor of Arkansas and his entourage showed up right after I pushed the button and insisted that I ride with them. I couldn't believe my luck. Not only was it the governor but also my new Boss at that new state job I was missing back at home! Only me!
Finally this morning the doc had good news......Salmonella. He said the worst had passed and we could go home. She is probably gonna feel a little bad for a couple more days but nothing like she had. I was so relieved! We loaded up and took her to the gift shop like we had promised and then headed home. I am so grateful to all my friends and family. Thank you for fall of your prayers and calls. I am so grateful to be at home with my happy, semi-healthy family!