Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fair Time!

Tonight was opening night at the Independence County Fair. The girls have been saving their money for the last couple of months just for this night. Jadelyn started thinking about what she was going to wear as soon as she woke up this morning. The fair is a BIG deal in our house. We live just right up the road and the girls start getting excited as soon as that first truck arrives. Everyday they watch as more and more rides go up so that by the time it opens the anticipation is just killing them. Jadelyn had our day all planned out for us of course. Arm bands started at 6pm so she wanted to leave the house at exactly 5pm. She figured it would take 2 minutes to get to the parking lot at the fair and this would still give us almost a full hour to walk through all the exhibits before the rides fired up. She was right! We stuck with her schedule and it did take exactly 2 minutes...crazy huh? Anyway we looked at all the exhibits and animals first.
 Then we started on rides. I don't do rides at all so I was glad Tony was willing to go with them this year. They rode the swings.

Then Tony decided to ride the new ride they had this year. This thing was Insane! Tony said it was one of those rides that after it started you think to yourself what a stupid decision you made and then hold on for dear life! It went upside down, around in circles, and the chairs you were in spun individually! It was crazy to watch! If you zoom in on one of these pics you can see Tony dangling in mid-air!
After watching Tony, Jadelyn was feeling brave and decided to ride the Bullet.She was psyched about meeting the height requirement to get on but was regretting it as soon as she went upside down. She cried and said she was afraid she was going to die! As soon as she got off she came running out and hugged both me and I know she had to have had a near death experience!

Then they rode a couple of smaller rides together. I think they rode almost everything there except the kiddie rides.
Then they rode this Slime ride.

It is just basically this seat that spins around at a high rate of speed while the whole ride also goes around in circles. Made me sick just looking at it! So, Maddy decided that it would be a good idea to lay down in the ride to really feel dizzy.........and it worked.......and not five minutes later she had this face!
Which is when she learned that there is probably a reason you are not supposed to lay down while on that particular ride. Isn't this just the worst face.....I know its bad, but when I got home and looked at it I just cracked up! She didn't keep this face long..only about 10 minutes. Then she lost her "I wish I had listened to my mom and not laid down on the spinning bucket that was also going in circles face" and got back with the program. They played some games, got snow cones and cotton candy, and then we headed home.Overall, a good night at the fair, despite the awful heat!


Randi House said...

JULIE!!! I laughed through this whole post. And tell Tony I rode a ride like that several years back and it's the only ride I've been on that I honestly wanted to cry during! Seriously cussed myself the whole time for getting on it! ha!

Rita said...

I went back in time today and viewed every blog Julie had did,today so much has changed,divorce hit, mom has a boy friend, dad has a girl friend, childern want mom and dad back together (which is normal-ajusting is a hard thing) I am the grandmother, and I am ajusting, it has been hard and I have cried, but I know life goes on and I pray it will turn out good. I will do my best not to judge but to LOVE, I pray Gods will be done. God blessed Julie and Tony with two beautiful girls whome I love with all my heart. I pray he blesses their furture as well as their mom and dads. Granny Rita.